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Film, Television, Commercials

Production and Location Services

We provide production and location services for film, television, commercials and corporate video productions. We support out-of-town and overseas producers and production companies on their shoots in New York and across the US.

The Production Service is a specialized film and television production service provider based in Tribeca, in the heart of downtown Manhattan. We are conveniently located minutes away from eleven major subway lines, and a stone’s throw from the lively center of Tribeca with its restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs.

Many of our clients are international feature film and television production companies or producers. We provide comprehensive, turn-key production and location support and help out-of-town and international producers and production companies to prepare and set up their shoot in New York, up and down the East Coast and on locations around the US.

We have provided services and support for projects with budgets from a few thousand to millions of dollars – TV Series and Feature Films, Commercials, Corporate Videos, Photo Shoots, Reality TV and Game Shows, PSAs, Web-Based Programming and more.

Our experience encompasses car commercials, shoots with process rigs, Russian Arm and helicopter set-ups, fashion and lifestyle commercials and photo shoots, electronics, consumer products, music videos, scripted and non-scripted television series, feature films and documentaries.

We find the best solutions for every budget and adapt to clients needs and preferences, while aiming to make your stay and shoot in New York and the US a happy and memorable one.

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Volvo Cars/Lucky Punk

Transfers & DCP

Transfers, Transcoding, DCP Mastering & Encoding

Through our sister company realDCP we are a leading provider of Transcoding and DCP Mastering and Encoding services for the independent film community.

Our sister company realDCP creates DCP Digital Cinema Packages for feature films, shorts, cinema commercials and trailers, and has services hundreds of festival plays, theatrical releases and individual screenings throughout the US and in major international territories.


Locations Locations
Locations are key when filming in New York – we help find and secure them, including permits, insurance and more.

We have a large archive of specialized locations, from hard to find interior spaces, lofts and offices, to unique exteriors – both in New York and in the Tristate Area.


Contact Us
Call or email us today to discuss how we can support your project.